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Credit debt counseling. Don't be afraid to seek our professional help!

Credit debt counseling is becoming very popular now, and many companies provide credit card debt counseling and other credit debt counseling services. While providing both credit and debt counseling, we work with any types of clients (even the ones bad credit and multiple debt) and provide the most professional help on the market.

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Credit card debt counseling from our company is...

Nonprofit, because when doing this, we are not yet providing the service, but giving full information on it. It's your right to know all before making your decision; we're just providing the best realization of this right.

Professional, because professionalism is what it takes to help people. Your debt won't just go away by itself just because of the debt counseling service, but our professional staff will enable you to see all the risks and advantages of what we are offering to our clients.

Interesting, isn't it - to know the secrets of dealing with money so that you are never in debt again? That's the point of our service, too. We provide vital advice and information on a wide variety of procedures, and the knowledge you gain during credit card debt counseling can be used in your daily life, even if you don't seek our further help (debt consolidation, debt negotiation, etc.)

Helpful as you eliminate your doubts. It's ok to be unsure about something, to ask questions. By doing so you gain better understanding of your situation and the possible solutions we propose, approximately know what works and what doesn't.

What are the main credit debt counseling services?

Credit card debt general information is provided to all clients and states the main points about credit debt: where it comes from, why it happens, who is in the risk group, what kinds of debts there are and what the consequences are, how to avoid debt if you have credits, how to eliminate already existing debts.

A variety of debt reduction programs is proposed by our company. People, who will briefly describe them to you, are credit debt specialists, working with this programs to improve real cases. Their experience allows them not only to tell you the basics, but also give examples from their real work.

Evaluation of your case is a must if you want to have your debt reduced. The specialist will talk to you about your general life and your finance, and then say by how much it is possible to reduce your debt and how much time the procedure is likely to take. Everything the counselor says on this stage is approximate, but the summary of the possible reduction is something you are likely to get as your result.

Personal finance advice is given to those clients who want it. The counselor will try to understand the origins of your financial problems and give you tips on how you can eliminate them. By eliminating the origins of your problems, you might get rid of the problems themselves and improve the situation in general.

Questions can be asked throughout the whole consultation. You can come in with some questions or doubts that you had before the consultation. Or you can ask the ones that pop up during the talk with your professional consultant. Both ways are ok. However to make your consultation more beneficial to you, we recommend you to write down the most important points of the talk to go back to your notes later and make the improvements you were told about.

What are the differences between credit and debt counseling?

There are no specific differences in the consultation itself. The counselor asks you questions, answers yours, and then states your problems as he or she sees them and gives the possible ways of improvement.

However, credit counseling is something you need when your situation is good, but you want to improve it. Debt counseling is a little pessimistic, because you want to do something with the situation, which turned bad already. Credit counseling is vital when you already have credits, but your problems with them are mild. By coming to this type of consultation, you might prevent yourself from falling into debt.


My credit debt counseling expert was so nice to me! I didn't expect it to be so personal and so effective after all. The tips I received on my personal finance really work. I guess, my future debt consolidation will be so pleasant and helpful, and I'm already looking forward to it. Christy Graaf, NY

Great debt counseling services! I can't believe that free service can be done so professionally and friendly. Jeffrey Maag, NM

At first I thought credit card debt counseling was expensive itself and definitely not for me with my late hours job and 2 little kids. But then someone at work told me to look for the free service, and I found it here at NowGetLoan. And it already helped me a lot. I think I might be even brave enough to go through debt negotiation. Thanks a lot for encouraging me. Deana Hoheisel, LA

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