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Debt counseling companies. What are their functions?

A debt counseling company provides consumer debt counseling to citizens with credit or other debt. To analyze the case and notify the client of what can be expected, most companies provide a debt counseling plan or a debt counseling planner.

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Our company in consumer debt counseling

We are very experienced in this type of service, as much as debt consolidation and debt negotiation. Our specialists use all their knowledge to help you solve your problems in the best way possible. With a true understanding of the services' importance and our responsibility for the client's finance, we try to provide the best services. Quality service from our company is a mixture of experience and knowledge with friendliness, attention and great respect for any person ever seeking our help.

But being a debt counseling company is completely different than any other financial service. Giving advice to people in debt demands not only professionalism, but also something in the heart. All our staff are sure that by providing a debt counseling plan or just answering the client's question, we are helping people. To provide good help, to satisfy their needs, to improve their lives, we must be devoted to what we are doing. And we are trying our best to never give up this value.

What debt counseling companies do?

Receive and process applications in order to schedule personal consultations. By doing this, the company analyzes the case, collects primary information on the client and prepares to present information on the services in the best way for this person.

Design debt consolidation plans. A debt counseling plan is a document designed by the company in order to list all the parts of the consultation and put them in order. The plan helps to provide information more logically and the consultation gets more effective for both client and company.

Sometimes this is done on the stage of work with applications. But in order to quickly provide multiple unique plans, the company's specialists have to design several flexible plans, which are later used as samples in their practice.

Collect and present current information on their services. Sometimes the situation on the market changes, and the company changes its strategies to follow the most effective path. All the changes of this kind have to be represented in the debt counseling planner and individual consultations.

Train the staff in order to have the best specialists in the field of credit and debt. The counselors and other specialists have to be skilled, creative, able to listen and solve problems, non-conflicting and friendly. All these personal qualities affect our service in a positive way.

Analyze cases to provide the best service to each individual client. Each case is unique, and so the service should be. To do it right, we have to carefully analyze all the details and bind them together to understand the situation as a whole.

Answer the clients' questions in order to provide better understanding among our clients. When applying for the service, the client just assumes that the company will do him or her good. After the consultation he or she should be sure about the benefits of the service, and also on the conditions of it.

Some clients come with many questions, sometimes the questions arise during a friendly talk, but by the end of the consultation the counselor has to be sure that the client understands everything properly. Sometimes an extra consultation is needed for that purpose.


Consumer debt counseling is a great deal. I didn't know that a debt counseling plan is provided too. It helps a lot when you have as many questions as I did when I came to the consultation. Thanks for your help. James Dietz, VA

NowGetLoan is definitely a great debt counseling company, very reliable and experienced. I've already sent my application and got approved for their service. Raymond Vargas, AL

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